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Sara K. Scolnick, Visual Artist

Growing up, I only had art instruction as part of the academic curriculum through 6th grade and I always loved art.  In fact, I still have a vivid memory of a portrait
of a woman, surrounded by a rainbow, which I created in grade 3, with large school-issued Binney and Smith crayons on manila construction paper.  My teacher was so impressed, she sent me around to the other 3rd grade classrooms to show off my “masterpiece.”  This must have had a subliminal effect on me, since I have continued to love drawing, although I lacked formal training.  After the birth of  my children, for example, I drew simple portraits of each in pencil, and pen & ink.  It was only after I retired that I decided to go back to an activity that gave me pleasure and focus.

Self Portrait 2012, 11”x14”, oil on canvas

In 1995, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  To date, I have had a variety of operations, including wrist reconstruction, to prevent further joint damage. Despite these surgical procedures, as well as medical treatments to mitigate pain, that pain does not totally go away.  When I began to paint, I realized that I was concentrating fully on my subject matter, seeking out relative values, and pushing color. Pain was no longer a factor.  Now painting  has become my favorite and least invasive form of therapy.

Besides honing acquired skills from classes at MassArt, the Studio School of the Cambridge Center for Adult Education, and the Museum of Fine  Arts, I work both in my South End studio and outdoors near my home on Cape Cod.  I work primarily in oils, but also have begun working in soft pastels, especially for portraits. Whatever medium I  do choose, my focus has become a quest to discover, convey, and maximize the relationships between light and shadow, regardless of subject matter.


                                                    Sara K. Scolnick, September 2011